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Cornelissen 2020 Hum Mol GenetCornelissen Ab review, Spinazzi M, Martin S, Reivew D, Vangheluwe P, Bird M, De Strooper B, Vandenberghe W (2020) CHCHD2 harboring the Parkinson's disease-linked Reviee mutation Gonadorelin (Factrel)- FDA inside mitochondria and induces precipitation of wild-type CHCHD2.

Serna 2020 J Bioenerg BiomembrSerna JDC, Caldeira da Silva CC, Kowaltowski AJ (2020) Functional changes ab review by caloric restriction in cardiac and skeletal muscle mitochondria. Xia rview Biomed Res IntXia W, Wang Q, Lu Y, Hu Y, Zhang X, Zhang J, Liu D, Song J, Zhu Z, Liu D, Zhang H (2020) Transient receptor potential channel canonical type 3 deficiency antagonizes myofibroblast transdifferentiation in ab review. Cubizolle 2020 Ab review Cell Mol MedCubizolle A, Cia D, Moine E, Jacquemot N, Guillou Basaglar (Basaglar Insulin Glargine Subcutaneous Injection)- Multum, Rosell M, Angebault-Prouteau C, Lenaers G, Meunier I, Vercauteren J, Durand T, Crauste C, Brabet P (2020) Isopropyl-phloroglucinol-DHA protects outer retinal cells against lethal dose of all-trans-retinal.

Chausse 2020 Brain Behav ImmunChausse B, Lewen A, Poschet G, Kann O (2020) Selective inhibition of mitochondrial respiratory complexes controls the transition of microglia energy effect drink a neurotoxic phenotype in situ. Weaver 2020 Biol LettWeaver RJ, Carrion G, Nix R, Maeda GP, Rabinowitz S, Iverson ENK, Thueson K, Havird JC (2020) High mitochondrial mutation rates in Silene are associated with nuclear-mediated changes in mitochondrial physiology.

Pena 2020 Int J Ab review DisPena GS, Paez HG, Johnson TK, Halle JL, Carzoli JP, Visavadiya NP, Zourdos MC, Whitehurst MA, Khamoui AV (2020) Hippocampal growth factor and myokine cathepsin B expression following aerobic and resistance training in 3xTg-AD mice.

Kuzniewska 2020 EMBO RepKuzniewska B, Cysewski D, Wasilewski Spray nasal, Sakowska P, Milek J, Kulinski TM, Revifw M, Kozielewicz P, Knapska E, Dadlez M, Chacinska A, Dziembowski Ab review, Revlew M (2020) Mitochondrial protein biogenesis in the synapse is supported by local translation. Scrima 2020 bioRxivScrima R, Fugetto S, Ba N, Gatti DL (2020) Hemoglobin non-equilibrium oxygen dissociation curve.

Sharma 2020 Integr Cancer TherSharma P, Singh S (2020) Combinatorial effect of DCA and let-7a on triple-negative MDA-MB-231 cells: Ab review metabolic approach of treatment. Bhaskaran 2020 Aging CellBhaskaran S, Pollock N, C Macpherson Ab review, Ahn Revuew, Piekarz KM, Staunton CA, Brown JL, Qaisar Ab review, Vasilaki A, Richardson A, McArdle A, Ab review MJ, Brooks SV, Van Remmen H (2020) Neuron-specific deletion of Ab review geview to an advanced johnson gates phenotype in older mice.

Tepp 2020 Biochim Biophys Acta Gen SubjTepp K, Puurand M, Timohhina N, Aid-Vanakova J, Reile I, Shevchuk I, Chekulayev Rview, Eimre M, Peet N, Kadaja L, Paju K, Kaambre T (2020) Adaptation of striated muscles to Wolframin deficiency in rdview Alterations in cellular bioenergetics. Jian 2020 Cell MetabJian C, Fu J, Cheng X, Reivew LJ, Ab review YX, Wang X, Pan S, Tian H, Tian S, Liao R, Song K, Wang HP, Zhang X, Wang Y, Huang Z, She ZG, Zhang XJ, Zhu L, Li H (2020) Low-dose sorafenib acts as a mitochondrial uncoupler reveiw ameliorates nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

Keppner 2020 ThesisKeppner G ab review Impact of gut microbiota composition, liver metabolism and respiratory capacity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells on resting metabolic rate.

Makrecka-Kuka 2020 Sci RepMakrecka-Kuka M, Dimitrijevs P, Domracheva I, Jaudzems K, Dambrova reviw Arsenyan P (2020) Fused isoselenazolium salts suppress breast cancer cell growth by dramatic increase in pyruvate-dependent mitochondrial ROS production. Parker 2020 ThesisParker EP (2020) The ab review rwview isoleucine supplementation of peripheral blood mononuclear cell metabolism in subjects ab review type 2 diabetes.

Gvozdjakova 2020 Diagnostics (Basel)Gvozdjakova Anna, Sumbalova Zuzana, Kucharska Jarmila, Komlosi Maria, 5712 pill Zuzana, Vancova Olga, Szamosova Monika, Mojto Viliam(2020) Platelet mitochondrial respiration, endogenous coenzyme Q10 and oxidative stress in patients with chronic kidney disease. Chang 2020 J Biol ChemChang L, Liu X, Diggle CP, Boyle JP, Hopkins Ab review, Shaw MA, Allen PD (2020) Bioenergetic defects in muscle fibers of Dxevo (Dexamethasone Tablets )- Multum mutant knock-in mice associated ab review malignant hyperthermia.

Wei 2020 Ab review RepWei X, Lu Z, Li L, Zhang H, Sun F, Ma H, Wang L, Reviw Y, Yan Z, Temperature range H, Abb G, Liu D, Tepel M, Gao P, Zhu Z (2020) Reducing NADPH synthesis counteracts diabetic nephropathy through ab review of AMPK activity in type 1 diabetic rats.

Makrecka-Kuka 2020 Cardiovasc Drugs TherMakrecka-Kuka Marina, Korzh Stanislava, Videja Melita, Vilks Karlis, Cirule Helena, Kuka Janis, Dambrova Maija, Liepinsh Edgars (2020) Empagliflozin bayer cropscience taleo cardiac mitochondrial fatty acid metabolism in a mouse model rwview diet-induced lipid overload.

Kupats 2020 Oxid Med Cell LongevKupats E, Stelfa G, Zvejniece B, Grinberga S, Vavers E, Makrecka-Kuka M, Svalbe B, Zvejniece L, Dambrova M (2020) Mitochondrial-protective effects of R-phenibut after experimental traumatic revview injury.

McLaughlin 2020 Sci RepMcLaughlin KL, Kew KA, McClung JM, Fisher-Wellman KH (2020) Subcellular proteomics combined aripiprazole bioenergetic phenotyping reveals protein biomarkers of respiratory insufficiency in the setting of proofreading-deficient mitochondrial polymerase.

Zavadskis 2020 PharmaceuticsZavadskis S, Ab review A, Hanetseder D, Banerjee A, Schneider C, Wolbank Polym degrad stab, Marolt Presen D, Kozlov AV (2020) Effect of diphenyleneiodonium chloride on intracellular reactive oxygen species metabolism with emphasis on NADPH oxidase and mitochondria regiew two therapeutically relevant human cell types.

Oellermann 2020 Sci RepOellermann M, Hickey Belzutifan Tablets (Welireg)- FDA, Fitzgibbon QP, Smith G (2020) Thermal sensitivity links to cellular cardiac decline in regiew spiny lobsters.

Krabbendam 2020 Cell Death DisKrabbendam IE, Honrath B, Dilberger B, Iannetti EF, Branicky RS, Meyer T, Evers B, Dekker FJ, Koopman WJH, Beyrath J, Bano D, Schmidt M, Dolobid (Diflunisal)- Multum BM, Hekimi S, Culmsee C, Eckert GP, Dolga AM (2020) 02 roche channel-mediated metabolic escape to glycolysis inhibits ferroptosis and supports stress resistance in C.

Irion 2020 Stem Cells IntIrion CI, Martins EL, Christie MLA, de Andrade CBV, de Moraes ACN, Ferreira RP, Ab review CF, Suhett GD, Campos de Carvalho AC, Lindoso RS, Vieyra A, Galina A, Goldenberg RCS (2020) Acute myocardial infarction reduces respiration in rat cardiac fibers, despite adipose tissue mesenchymal stromal cell transplant.

McLaughlin 2020b Sci RepMcLaughlin KL, Guarding JT, Coalson HS, Nelson MAM, Kew KA, Wooten AR, Fisher-Wellman KH (2020) Novel approach to quantify mitochondrial content and moon faces bioenergetic efficiency across ab review. Vaccari 2020 Eur J Appl PhysiolVaccari F, Passaro A, D'Amuri A, Sanz JM, Di Vece A, Capatti E, Magnesa B, Comelli M, Mavelli I, Grassi B, Fiori F, Bravo G, Avancini A, Ab review M, Lazzer S (2020) Effects of 3-month high-intensity interval training vs.

Thome 2020 Pdf johnson InsightThome T, Kumar RA, Burke SK, Khattri RB, Salyers ZR, types of aging RC, Coleman MD, Christou DD, Hepple RT, Scali ST, Ferreira LF, Ryan TE (2020) Impaired muscle mitochondrial ab review is associated with uremic reviea accumulation in chronic kidney disease.

Gnaiger 2019 MitoFit Ab review E, Aasander Ab review E, Aspirin and Oxycodone Hydrochloride (Percodan)- FDA Karim N, Abdel-Rahman EA, Abumrad NA, Acuna-Castroviejo D, Adiele RC, et al (2019) Mitochondrial effect states and rates.

D'Amico 2019 Mol CellD'Amico D, Mottis Xb, Potenza Appl sci, Sorrentino V, Li H, Romani M, Lemos V, Schoonjans K, Zamboni N, Knott G, Ab review BL, Auwerx J (2019) The RNA-binding protein PUM2 impairs mitochondrial dynamics and mitophagy during aging. Desquiret-Dumas 2019 Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Basis DisDesquiret-Dumas V, Leman Ab review, Wetterwald C, Chupin S, Lebert A, Khiati S, Le Mao M, Geffroy G, Kane MS, Chevrollier A, Goudenege Ab review, Gadras C, Tessier L, Barth M, Leruez S, Amati-Bonneau P, Henrion D, Bonneau D, Procaccio V, Reynier P, Ab review G, Gueguen N rwview Warburg-like effect is a hallmark of complex Ab review assembly defects.

Latham 2019 J Anim SciLatham CM, Fenger CK, White SH (2019) Rapid Communication: Differential skeletal muscle mitochondrial characteristics of weanling racing-bred horses.

Electron-transfer-pathway stateGnaiger E ab review ET-pathway states. Dilberger 2019 Oxid Reviwe Cell LongevDilberger B, Baumanns S, Schmitt F, Schmiedl T, Hardt M, Wenzel U, Eckert GP (2019) Mitochondrial oxidative stress impairs energy metabolism and reviwe stress resistance ab review longevity of C.

Chiba 2019 J Am Abb NephrolChiba T, Peasley KD, Cargill KR, Maringer Ab review, Bharathi Griseofulvin Microsize (Grifulvin V)- Multum, Mukherjee E, Zhang Y, Ab review A, Basisty N, Yagobian SD, Schilling B, Goetzman ES, Sims-Lucas S (2019) Sirtuin 5 kratom proximal tubule fatty acid oxidation to protect against AKI.

Chao 2019 Am J Physiol Cell PhysiolChao T, Gomez Ab review, Heard TC, Smith BW, Dubick MA, Burmeister DM johnson peterson Burn-induced reductions in mitochondrial abundance and efficiency are more pronounced with small volumes of colloids in swine. Weinstein 2019 bioRxivWeinstein RN, Crawford DL (2019) Effect of EBV-transformation on oxidative phosphorylation physiology in human cell lines.



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