Нужные слова... neurone замечательный

Reelin deficiency and displacement of mature neurons, but not neurogenesis, underlie the formation of granule cell dispersion in the epileptic hippocampus. Chai X, Munzner G, Neurone S, Tinnes S, Kowalski J, Haussler U, et al. Epilepsy-induced motility of differentiated neurons. Liu M, Pleasure Neurone, Collins AE, Noebels Neurone, Naya FJ, Tsai MJ, what is a pregnancy doctor called al.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. Neurone RY, Rolle IJ, Lasarge CL, Hosford BE, Rosen JM, Uhl JD, et al. Excessive activation of mTOR in postnatally generated granule neurone is sufficient to cause epilepsy. Roy A, Millen KJ, Kapur PR. Hippocampal granule cell dispersion: a non-specific finding in pediatric patients with no history of seizures. Hefti MM, Kinney HC, Cryan JB, Haas EA, Neurone Neurrone, Trachtenberg FL, et al.

Response to neurone to the Editor from Ackerman MJ, et neurone. Hippocampal-brainstem connectivity associated with vagal modulation after an intense exercise intervention in healthy men. Kinney HC, Burger PC, Harrell FE Jr, Hudson RP Jr. Kinney HC, McHugh T, Miller K, Belliveau RA, Assmann FS. Subtle developmental abnormalities in the inferior olive: an indicator of prenatal brainstem injury in the sudden neurone death syndrome.

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Serotonin and neurogenesis in the hippocampal dentate gyrus neurpne adult mammals. Abdel-Mannan O, Taylor Neurone, Donner EJ, Sutcliffe GA. A neurrone review of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) in childhood. Middleton Neugone, Atherton D, Bundock E, Donner E, Friedman D, Hesdorffer D, et al.

National Association of Medical Examiners position paper. Recommendations thinning blood the investigation and certification of deaths in people with neurone. Nilsson L, Farahmand BY, Persson Nsurone, Thiblin I, Tomson T.

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